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Cosmic Pets Collapsible Pet Play Pen M


The Cosmic Pets Collapsible Pet Play Pen is ideal for various containment needs. They are light weight, easy to clean, fold away flat into a neat bag for easy storage. These pet pens are super for potty training kittens and pups in weaning stages as well as for post-op healing, socialisation and introducing new pets to the household in a safe area. You can even use them for short periods outdoors to allow your cat some fresh air and outdoor fun safely with low escape risk. 45 x 58 cm x 8 panels (1.14 m diameter)

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Pet Pens

  • Protective removable washable base
  • Removable top mesh cover
  • 2 zippered entrances
  • Toy & treat storage
  • Metal ground stakes
  • Includes carry case
  • No assembly Indoor/Outdoor
  • Portable & easy storage
  • 30 seconds to set up
  • Minutes to pack


M          45 cm x 58 cm high x 8 panels (114 cm diameter)
XL         58 cm x 98 cm high x 8 panels (140 cm diameter)

Surviving the post-op

After most surgeries, pets will need to be confined for a period of time to ensure accelerated healing and complete recovery.

We know that it can be hard emotionally and strategically, to confine your pet, but it is the only way he can get better. Confinement is ‘house-arrest’ or restriction to a limited area in an effort to prevent prolonged physical exertion.

Pet Pens for Travel

Keep your pet safe and secure using the portable pet playpen. When using it outdoors your beloved pet can enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, sitting comfortable in one place.

The playpen is made of durable canvas and offers a removable base and mesh cover, for good visibility of your small critter.  It’s equipped with two large doors for easy access and metal stakes are included to secure the play pen to the ground.

The outdoor pet pen will keep small and young animals out of trouble, yet still spending time with the family. Pet play pens are great for on-the-go, travelling or visiting friends and family!

House-training and containment

A Puppy or Kitten Playpen facilitates Potty Training and helps you contain litters that are young and still getting used to their environment.

House Training does not get any easier – even the slowest of kittens will get potty trained and even the laziest owner will have great success when using a pet playpen.

No need to get up and go outside 3 times in the middle of the night, when it is cold and dark with your puppy.

A playpen lends itself perfectly to both pee-pad, litter box or paper training and is an excellent way to socialise kittens into a noisier household.

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