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Cosmic Pets Collapsible Carrier M


Traveling with your pet is a breeze when you use a Cosmic Pets Collapsible Carrier.

Flexible and space-saving, soft crates are the perfect solution for show pet owners and breeders. Cosmic Pets offers a range that is lightweight, durable and can be set up and folded down in seconds, requiring no tools. Best of all, when not in use it folds down to 7cm for compact storage.


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Collapsible Pet Carrier & Crates

Lightweight & portable – Doubles as pet bed, show cage, birthing / healing pen


    • 3 Doors for easy loading = less pet stress
    • More mesh, air & light = happier pet
    • Sturdy steel frame
    • Treat & toy pouches
    • Soft washable wool fleece base
    • Collapsible – folds flat to 7cm


Selecting the correct size

When choosing the correct size pet carrier or dog crate note the following:

Dogs: Measure the distance from the top of the nose to the root of the tail and from the ground to the highest point of the dog. The carrier should be big enough for your pet to stand comfortably and turn around.

Cats: The carrier should be one and a half times the size of your cat, with enough room to stand up and turn around.

Our range is well represented at pet shows and a favourite with the show and breeder community – offering a pet house that is comfortable and mobile but also solid and spacious. During dog or cat shows your pet is required to spend extended periods of time confined in their show crate. The mesh panels ensure that plenty of air is circulated and prevents your pet from overheating.

The top zippered mesh opening also makes accessing your pet during shows so much more convenient when you need to give a treat or a little cuddle without the risk of them dashing out the carrier and into the crowd.

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