Imagine a box arriving at your door… After barking at the courier, your dog is just as excited as you are…. Their tails are wagging, their noses are sniffing. Your cat is already attempting to gain access to another realm inside the box, all whilst their purrs purring. What wonders does this mystery box contain? Not to mention, your pet’s excitement is simply the most perfect Instagram-able moment as you open the box and share the wonders inside with your pet.

Look no further than here to buy your nerdy boxes for your cat and your dog! 


Our boxes aren’t just any subscription box for a cat and a dog – these nerdy boxes include the coolest things from all corners of the world, mixed with a touch of magic and packed with the upmost magic and lots of love. They include an array of mystery treats and toys every month which are delivered to your door.

But being Instagram worthy is not the only benefit to a surprise nerdy box! There are many more reasons why getting a subscription box for your pet is the best thing you can do.

Having recently launched our nerd boxes to our secret nerd subscribers, we’re so happy to roll these out to other humans, who are just as crazy about their pets as we are.

We make it easy, for you! 

Is just how easy it is to treat your pet. No longer do you have to drive from store to store to source the best toys and treats for your fur baby, we’ve done all that for you at Nerd Headquarters. This also means less stress for you as you are always guaranteed to have your pets favourite treats on hand.

We bring you and your pet a surprise! 

Is the surprise element. What is going to be in the box this month? What will you and your pet discover together? All of this helps with stimulation, especially with indoor pets. The more stimulation you give your pet, the healthier and happier they will be. It also allows you to bond with your pet with new toys and new games.

We’re all about the planet! 

Our products are organic. In a world full of chemical-based products, our pet parents want the best for their pets. Nerd Headquarters sources the best organic based shampoos and linen sprays amongst other needed products. Organic products only contain natural-based products and are safe for you and your pets.

We have a bargain waiting for you!

Think of how much you can save as a pet parent. A nerdy box gives you a mix of different products that if bought separately could cost you much more than the box does. It means you get some of the best products on the market to sample at a fraction of their normal price… and because Nerd Headquarters not only supplies most of these products within the boxes but also separately on their site, you always know where you can get more.

We’re proudly locally South African! 

When you buy a box, you are supporting local creators, businesses – including us! In these times of the pandemic, supporting local businesses to keep our economy going is extremely important. All the elements of the nerdy subscription box are sourced from local suppliers and are proudly made in South Africa.

We believe in our products! We’ve tested them with our own pets, who approve them first. 

Nerd Headquarters works directly with the local suppliers, feedback can be given almost immediately. This means you are always getting the best possible quality products for your pets in one, simple, easy to buy box.

We’re reliable! 

Every month in the 1st week, you and your pet will be guaranteed to receive an awesome box, with magical contents. You will then be sorted for the month ahead when it comes to the care of your pet. All that’s left for you to do is buy your pet their normal food, pay for their insurance and spend some extra time playing and cuddling with them – like any responsible pet pawrent. These subscription boxes are designed to make your life easier.

So, what’s in these amazing mystery boxes you ask. Well It depends on the month but the dog box contains at a minimum: treats, shampoo, linen spray, surprise plush toy and a knotted soft rope. The cat box includes: treats, shampoo, linen spray, catnip fix, toy selection, blanket, surprise for the cat (or pet parent) and the most important thing for all cat parents, and puppies…a totally  free box.

For sneak peaks of of previous nerdy monthly boxes – check out our Instagram Story Highlights for sneak peaks!