On Becoming a Cat Nerd – By Megon Champion - Cat Nerd

I wasn’t always the slightly mad cat woman that I am today. Oh, I loved cats but I loved all animals. And so, I didn’t really see myself as a Cat Nerd.
I have had cats my whole life. My 1st one arrived in a picnic basket from “Santa” when I was 5 years old. (We know better now, and don’t give animals as gifts). From there I collected a few more, all with their own unique personalities. But they were like all the numerous pets that went through our house, just pets. Yes, they were companions and loved. And yes, they brought joy, love and unique memories but I wasn’t a Cat Nerd.
That all changed in 2011. That was when the “Jazz Man” arrived. To be honest I am pretty sure that Jazz turned my whole family into Cat Nerds. Jazz arrived at our house, brought by one of our other cats at the time. He was so skinny that I invited him in for snacks.

Well Jazz kept coming back. We called him Popcorn because we didn’t know his name at the time. Popcorn, because of his colour and the fact he kept popping up. After this kept happening for a while, I obviously asked my parents if we could keep him. (I would save every animal if I could). My dad said yes, but Jazz would have to live outside because my dad didn’t want the 2 females, that we already owned, getting upset.
Well that lasted only until the 1st highveld storm of the season. My mom and I were out so, we rushed home, to find that “Popcorn” had been brought in by my dad and was sleeping on his lap. We spoke to “Popcorn’s” owners and they said that we could have him. They said his name was Jasmin (they didn’t know he was a boy) and they moved on. So, we shortened his name to Jazz and the legend was born.
Jazz was horribly abused and had a few quirks. Like peeing on my curtains when my boyfriend Kyle (Kyle leveled up, he is now my husband) visited (Jazz got jealous). He also fell over and got lost on a regular basis. It took him nearly a year for him to purr. But wow that cat taught us a few things. He had a profound effect on all of us. Due to his injuries, he only was with us for 2 years before he crossed the rainbow bridge. From there, the two cats that we already owned became spoilt little girls, to the point that they were carried to their food if they got too tired.
I was now a “Cat Nerd” and there was no going back. Kyle knew this when we moved in together and as an animal lover himself it was a given that we would get cats. Our 1st two were “end of life” adult rescues and weren’t with us for too long.

From there we got our current cats and became true Cat Parents. Floki came 1st, a rescue from the Friends of the Cat. She was meant to be a 4-month-old boy, turned out to be a 6-month-old girl in heat and with fleas. She is our semi-feral Chimera, ginger ninja and “creature of the night”. When we moved to Cape Town, we decided to get a sibling for Floki and so, Freya arrived. Freya was a rescue from the Lucky Lucy Foundation. She was 3 years old and so loving that She purrs at the slightest bit attention, and often needs her “love tank” filled.

And so, my conversion in to a “Cat Nerd” and slightly mad cat woman was complete. And as the saying goes “Cats are like potato chips; you can never have just one” so we have just adopted our 3rd cat called Sigrid. She is still currently at the Lucky Lucy Foundation getting the best start to life as she is still very young. She is a grumpy firebrand and will be a perfect addition to our little family.

About the Author – Megon Champion
Originally from Johannesburg, I moved to Cape Town 3 years ago. I am married with 3 cats. After working in the education industry for a number of years, I decided to follow my passion for English and start writing. This led to me starting Grey Squirrel Content a Freelance Initiative with the purpose of bringing great written content to the internet. I write in a business capacity as well as a personal one.
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