Choosing the Right Pet Health Insurance Plan - Cat Nerd

A pet health insurance plan is the best way to get peace of mind in knowing that your pet will always get help in the event of sickness or accidents. Typically, most plans include a limited cover option that covers accidents and a comprehensive plan that includes accidents as well as illness. Choosing the best plan for your four-legged friend can be tricky at first – especially if you are not sure what to look for when making your choice between plans. To help you choose the right pet health insurance plan, we have put together a breakdown of each type of plan so that you can see how they compare.

How to Choose the Right Pet Health Insurance Plan

A good pet health insurance plan will cover up to 90% of any vet bills that may arise from illness or injury. In most cases, you can get cover for your pet from as young as eight weeks and up to nine years. Senior pets can also be covered for illness or accidents. Here’s how each type of plan compares:

Accident Only Cover

This plan offers cover for accidents only. As a limited coverage plan, it provides coverage for any injury that your cat or dog may sustain in the event of a car accident, fight, fall or any other type of accident. Most accident only plans cost around R130 per month for each pet. Although this coverage covers any vet bills that arise from an injury, it does not offer any coverage for illness or other health conditions.

Accident and Illness Cover

This plan offers comprehensive cover for illness as well as accidents. That means that your pet will be able to get help in the event of any type of illness or injury. Most comprehensive plans cost about R260 per month for cats and R325 per month for dogs. This coverage is the best choice for pet owners looking for complete coverage for any possible vet costs that may arise at any point.

Ultimately, the best way to choose a plan is to carefully think about what you could afford if your pet needed any treatment for an unplanned trip to the vet. Having full coverage in mind will help you never have to make any heart-breaking decisions due to not having financial means to afford treatment that could save your beloved furchild’s life. For more information on pet health insurance plan options, contact IF Administrators.