Types of Cats (And How Cats Have Evolved) - Cat Nerd

With so many different types of cats, not including specially bred species, it is always amazing to see what a variety of colours and coats these animals have. Cats have a long history of fascinating humans. In fact, recent research suggests that cats may have lived for thousands of years next to humans even before being domesticated. According to a study shared by National Geographic, feline genes changed very little from their wild relatives in that time. The one thing that did change, however, is the markings of cats – stripes and dots in particular.

In this study, researchers looked at the DNA of cats over the last nine thousand years. The study looked at Romanian cat remains, modern African wildcats, and Egyptian cat mummies. Breeding may have led to a greater variety in cats, but many types of cats have managed to breed themselves into popularity without much help from humans.

The Many Different Types of Cats

Some of the most commonly seen types of cats that most humans will encounter at some point include the following:

  • Tabby. Tabbies typically have a spotted tummy and stripes in black, brown, and grey. There also are silver tabbies and other variations as well.
  • Ginger. Ginger cats have markings much like tabbies, with an orange tone. Most solid ginger cats are male, with very few females being born. Many gingers have white paws and patches.
  • Calico. These cats have a mixture of tabby, white and tortoiseshell and are exclusively female. Many are fluffy while others have short hair.
  • Tortoiseshell. These cats have a mottled colour range of brown, red, and black, with no white patches. Like calicos, they are exclusively female.
  • Russian blue. These beautiful cats have a pure grey coat that appears almost blue in tone. They are often shorter haired but some have longer fur.
  • Siamese. There are many different Siamese breeds and most are bred deliberately to maintain their purity. Many of these cats are show cats.
  • Persian. Also show cats, Persians are long-haired cats that have a wide range of colours – usually solid. They are known for their squishy faces and impressive fluff.
  • Sphinx. A more unusual bred cat, this cat is hairless. They may appear rather alien but they are highly prized show cats.

Of course, there are many, many other types of feline to be found as well. If you have a show cat, have a look at our wide range of pet carriers that are made to safely transport all types of cats.