Whether your fur baby is a dog or cat, investing in a few basic pet shop supplies is always a good idea. Many pet parents assume that supplies like these can be bought at supermarkets. Although there are some products you might find this way, the very nature of pet shops is that they specialise in products for pets. A good online store devoted to such supplies will give you a range of products that helps your beloved pooch or feline stay healthy and happy.

Which pet shop supplies can you expect to find at such an online store? Keep reading to find out.

Must-Have Online Pet Shop Supplies

Finding a store that deals exclusively for furry customers will go a long way in helping you find quality products. Some of the most important pet shop supplies that you can find at a trusted online store such as Cat Nerd include the following:

Pet Carriers

A cheap pet carrier might seem like a good idea initially – especially if you have only recently gotten a puppy or kitten. The animal is still small, after all, so you don’t need to worry too much yet, right? Actually, a badly made carrier can put your pet at risk and make them far more stressed during vet visits and other travel times. Getting a carrier that is made especially for pet transport will be an investment you (and your pet) never regret.

Flea & Worm Treatments

One of the worst products you can try and buy at a supermarket is treatments for fleas, worms, ticks, and other ailments. Most of these brands are untested and many are unsafe. Like a vet shop, a good pet store will only stock treatments that are completely safe for your pet. This ensures that you deal with parasites without any risk to your pet’s health.

Pet Entertainment

Finally, you can also always find a good range of pet entertainment at a store that is designed for pets. Most of these products are made to last, going far beyond the cheap trinkets you’d find in the pet aisle at your local shop. For dogs, look out for stimulating toys that help to ease boredom when they are left alone. For cats, look out for catnip toys and other stimulating toys that help them stay active and happy.

Looking for products designed with furry creatures in mind? The Cat Nerd shop is where you will find toys, carriers, and many other pet shop supplies online.