Why We Love Cats on Catnip - Cat Nerd

There are few things more entertaining than cats on catnip. Although some cats do not respond to this herb, which is in the mint family, many respond in a way that is hilarious and adorable. This plant is packed full of a chemical compound called nepetalactone that is present in the leaves and the steams. When the catnip is eaten, it produces a sedative effect in cats. When it is sniffed, it produces a stimulant effect.

As anyone who’s ever watched a cat going a little crazy on catnip will know how hard it is to resist for most cats. Cats who respond to the herb react in many ways. Most cats on catnip will roll around, kick mindlessly, play fight their siblings, and generally act mad for a few minutes. The effect wears off relatively quickly. Catnip can be found in many forms – fresh, dried, sprays, and in toys.

We Can’t Get Enough of Cats on Catnip

Watching cats on catnip is about as funny as watching cats doing anything else a bit weird. Cats, in general, can be rather strange, with plenty of antics that keep their humans entertained. Watching your cat lose it for a few minutes, with legs up in the air and tummy frantically wobbling never gets old. Still not convinced? This video compilation will have you giggling in no time at all.

How exactly does it work, though, and how do cats on catnip end up high? Check out these interesting facts about catnip.

  • Smelling the catnip causes the strongest reaction of all. Dried catnip is often placed into toys, which take a beating over time when they are chewed by felines needing their fix.
  • Roughly 50% of cats respond to catnip. Behaviour on catnip can vary quite a bit depending on the individual cat. Some may only respond mildly and others may respond strongly.
  • Kittens do not react to the chemicals in catnip. Typically, the response only begins once they are a few months old. You may notice that catnip toys your kitten previously ignored suddenly become popular.
  • This herb is completely safe for cats and does not cause any harm. In fact, it can even be used for humans acting a lot like chamomile and even serving as a mosquito repellent.

If your cats love catnip, investing in pet toys that contain catnip or puzzle toys that release catnip are a great way to enjoy watching cats on catnip.