Is your cat or dog using your furniture indoors to perfect their parkour routine? Are you a bit worried that they might be bored if left alone all day? We look at a few easy to implement fixes for keeping your fur babies on their paws.

Let’s face it. A happy cat or dog is a great addition to any household. But when it comes to indoor pets, it is vital to keep them happy and healthy with a dedicated playtime and a few toys. Why? The answer is simple. A bored pet can be become dull, depressed, or even unhealthy, resorting to acting out, scratching up your furniture and the like. Everyone likes a bit of attention now and then, and our pets are no different. So, the solution? Fun interactive toys just for them. Not only will they keep in tip top health, you will also find time to bond with your beloved pet, while keeping their curiosity sparked.

Thinking outside the box

While we all know a kitty who loves an empty cardboard box, there are so many more options out there. From cat trees, to interactive laser toys, it is easier than ever to find toys to suit your pet’s personality.

Believe it or not, even a simple game of ‘chase’ or ‘fetch’ can be a great way to entertain your dog – and even your cat. Cats enjoy being chased even as they grow up. Just watch for the tail. If it’s up, it means ‘GO’ and they are having a blast! If their tail is down, it’s a ‘NO’, and you resemble something more out of a horror film to them at this point.

When it comes to the doggies, no dog we know can resist a good old tug o` war. Our ZippyPaws Monkey RopeTugz is durable and will have them engaged and raring to go.

Change up the toys

Cats and dogs are clever and pretty easy to please, but they will be onto you if you’re not adding variety to the mix. Constant access to all their toys will kill their curiosity in no time. Rather rotate their toys and keep them wanting more. Take toys out of a rotation from time to time, and then add them back in later, so that your pooch or kitty can revive their love of a favourite donut and coffee soft toy.

Bring nature (or at least a cat tree) to them

Every kitty loves to climb up high. Not only is this great to keep their limbs and muscles active and healthy, they also get to practise their balance which is good for their brain and body. Being inside has its perks, but cats can become sedentary and even put on extra weight. So it is great to give them climbing options. Especially if you’re not a fan of them climbing onto your counters or up your curtains.

Cat Nerd carries a great range of cat trees. Sturdy enough to enjoy the rough and tumble of play, they are a super investment. Available in all shapes and sizes, you’ll be able to find the purr-fect one – even if you are in a small apartment or large house. With fun names like Mystic Neptune, Comet Tree and Moon of Jupiter, your cat will feel like a true explorer with plenty of vertical adventures to be had.



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