Committing to a pet crate shouldn’t be hard, but you want to make sure you are getting the right type for your needs and lifestyle. We look at the some of the finer points you need to consider when choosing a pet carrier and how to incorporate it into your pet’s life with a minimum of fuss.

Know your felines/doggies personality

Will they go gently or are they more on the feisty side of the spectrum? Knowing this will help you determine the type of carrier you may want. Sometimes for those kitties on the more free-spirited side of things, a carrier with multiple entrances/exits may work best. Then, you then have multiple options for coaxing them.

Know your materials

Sometimes we don’t think twice about practicality, but only size. Carriers can come in plastic or fabrics. We usually recommend more durable canvas as the best option. Completely washable, this material is resistant to scratching, escape artists, and as a bonus are easy to clean. This is even more important if your kitty is prone to feeling green on car trips. Plus, you get to choose your favourite colour!

Size matters

Yes, while this may seem obvs, many owners don’t consider the size of the carrier thoroughly before purchase. Remember, you don’t want your kitty to just fit, you want some room for them to stretch their legs, turn around if necessary and space to fit some bowls of food and water.

Give it party vibes

The reason most cats absolutely hate the sight of a carrier is that they are only used on the trips to the V-E-T. But that needn’t be the case. Turn your carrier into a the perfect little haven for your feline and they will think you are the most purr-fect owner on the planet. You can do this by adding to their carrier: their favourite treats, a couple of toys, or their preferred blankie. This can be done in the home when there is no trip on the cards, so they come to think of it is as a safe place, and feel a little more at home when leaving on trips. Plus, the benefits of crate training is that this will help reduce your pet’s stress, a major win for both a parent of a fur-baby and your adored furball.

Collapsible is in

With our living spaces shrinking and space at premium, why would you want anything else but a collapsible cat carrier? Stow it away under the bed, or next to the fridge, and avoid having to find a space for yet another space hogging container. Another great plus, is that they are washable, lightweight, and come in a variety of sizes from extra-small for those tiny pooches to ones with a bit more space.

(P.S the one’s available at Cat Nerd also come with a plushy mat, a grooming bag, storage compartments, and a suppliers warranty. #JustSaying) Nudge. Nudge. Wink. Wink.)


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