Cat Nerd is a crazy, cool online store located in the sunny, beach-bottom city of Cape Town, South Africa. Our team of nerds are excited to launch our kiff new website, providing epic pet products online for your cat – or your dog/rat/rabbit/marsupial/small baby dinosaur. We don’t discriminate. Offering convenience with direct-from-supplier, nationwide deliveries, exclusive bedding ranges (coming soon… I know right, eek!) at affordable prices. Cat Nerd understands animal lovers who are passionate about spoiling their pets. Because, we are just as crazy as you are.


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Showing with your cat is easy with a Cosmic Pets Collapsible Crate

The perfect containment for shows is here. Flexible and space-saving, our collapsible carriers are the perfect solution for showing breeds of all sizes. Cosmic Pets offers a range that is lightweight, durable, attractive and can be set up and folded down in seconds.


Providing proper stimulation for your new kitten is essential

Activity centres, scratchers and cat trees provide a variety of ways to keep your cat occupied indoors. An essential accessory for daily claw sharpening activities and a must for a cat friendly home with space restrictions.


Our Rad Nerdy Blog

Why We Love Cats on Catnip

There are few things more entertaining than cats on catnip. Although some cats do not respond to this herb, which is in the mint family, many respond in a way that is hilarious and adorable. This plant is packed full of a chemical compound called nepetalactone that is...

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Everything You Need to Know About Cat Grooming

As every cat parent knows, cat grooming is a very serious business indeed. Cats spend a great deal of time licking and grooming themselves and other cats. Although in most cases, it simply means that cats really, really like to be clean, excessive grooming can also be...

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Edgar Allan Pug Review – Hedgehog Rope Toy

Introducing our amazing dog geek brand ambassador, Edgar Allan Pug Edgar is a notoriously weird black pug owned by Larissa from Kanine Krunchies SA and is a fabulous addition to our team. He enjoys zoomies, treats, learning new tricks and generally keeping...

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Is your cat or dog using your furniture indoors to perfect their parkour routine? Are you a bit worried that they might be bored if left alone all day? We look at a few easy to implement fixes for keeping your fur babies on their paws. Let’s face it. A...

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